Along with Metal Gear Solid 5 and NCsoft announcements (See E3 Is A Bit Mental), Sony’s press conference was chock full of goodies including news about the PlayStation Network, and a redesign of the PSP.

psppack.jpgHaving denied it a few weeks ago (I didn’t cover it because I actually believed them, more fool me), Sony unveiled a new slimline look for the PlayStation Portable. Available in three colours (Black, silver and the ubiquitous iPod white) I personally can’t tell the difference betwee the old and new designs. The new one is said to be 19% slimmer (~18mm), 33% lighter (~190g) and has a video out socket so you can plug it into your telly. The new design also includes the ability to charge the unit up via USB from your PS3 or PC.

phils_ratchetoutfit.jpgThe rest of the conference was give over to showcasing upcoming titles for all of Sony’s consoles. PSP titles on show included SOCOM, Syphon Filter, WipEout Pulse, Sims Castaway2 and more. Much was made of the dowloadble content available through PSN which ranged from graphically gorgeous titles such as Warhawk to more minimal affairs like indy title Echochrome, described by Phil Harrison as having “The least graphics and most gameplay of any game on show.” Though PS Home was used extensively throughout the presentation, Harrison took a photo of the audience and instantly displayed it on the wall of his virtual apartment and wore a variety of humorous costumes, the focus stayed firmly on the games.

killzone2.jpgDemos were shown of Ratchet and Clank PS3, Heavenly Sword, Drake’s Fortune, LittleBigPlanet, Gran Turismo and the previously unannounced Infamous, which pundits are calling GTA with superpowers which the character can use for good or evil. To top things off a demo of Killzone 2 was shown (though it had been seen at a press event the night before). Unreal Tournament 3 was annouced as a PS3 timed exclusive (what no PC version? I’ll be looking into this be assured) to be released this year. All in all not alot that was unknown was revealed at Sony’s conference with the biggest news being about MGS and the new PSP.

For more details about Sony’s offering at E3 check these sites:

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