Relive all of Kratos’ bloody exploits for only $30.

Gamers who just bought a PS3 and want to get up to speed on the system’s biggest franchises take note; Sony has announced its new PlayStation Collections line.  PlayStation Collections are digital collections (really?) of all games in a particular series and will cost gamers a modest $30.  The PlayStation Collections line launches on August 28 with two Collections; the God of War Saga and the Infamous Collection.

The God of War Saga includes God of War, God of War II, God of War III, and both PSP games (Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta).  All of the games in the God of War Saga feature HD graphics and Trophy support, but only God of War III and the two PSP games support 3D.  It also has “exclusive bonus content” (no clue what that is as of now) and a free one-month PlayStation Plus trial.

The Infamous Collection features the first two Infamous games as well as the Infamous:  Festival of Blood downloadable game.  The Infamous Collection also features a host of extras, including additional missions and costumes.

-Nick’s take:  Out of these, the God of War Saga is the more appealing of the two since it includes a whopping five full games.  I’d be kind of upset if I’d bought the two retail God of War collections and God of War III, though, as the God of War Saga is a much better deal at $30.

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