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You may think your passion for video games may be enough to help you score a job in the industry, but employers take many things into consideration when it comes to hiring someone for an position at their company. In addition to the general business and industry-specific skill you’ll learn in a video game degree program, there are several skills you must cultivate on your own and possess before you enroll in a video game school and launch a career in the video game industry.

Math Skills

First up, make sure you have excellent math skills. Math is more important in some areas of the gaming industry than it is in others. For instance, students interested in programming will need to take trigonometry, physics, and calculus. Still, everyone needs some skill with the subject. Many schools offer math classes at all levels to help students, but it’s more beneficial to get learning about math out of the way so that you’ll then be able to focus on just what you enrolled in a video game program for.

Art Skills

If you’re planning on working in an area of the gaming industry that relies on the work of artists, make sure you’re at least familiar with techniques and skills utilized most in gaming. Before you start school, get some experience by playing around with programs like Photoshop to learn how they work, as well as how you might use them when it comes time to launch a career in the gaming industry.

Team Skills

Make sure you’re comfortable working in a group with other students. Many of the projects you’ll work on in school as well as in the industry will be completed through the efforts of a team. It’s important to be open to other’s ideas and understand that your idea may not always be used. Good communication is extremely important, which you’ll likely learn in your video game school courses before you even start your first job.

Other Skills

This may seem vague, but’s also important that you don’t expect to enroll in a video game school and do nothing but play games all day. Just because you enjoy playing games doesn’t make you an expert at creating them, which is why school is extremely valuable for those who want to break into the industry. You should have a wide range of knowledge and skills that don’t only apply to video games, as well as a dedication to learn and to work with others to be successful both in school and in the industry. Companies want well-rounded employers as part of their team, not just any gamer.


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