I’ve previewed this game back and forth over the last few months, luckily for you this will be my last post on Skate 3 for quite a while  (until they come out with good DLC).  So lets jump right into the review shall we?

The first thing you’ll notice about Skate 3 is that it’s control scheme is identical to that of it’s predecessors, which is fantastic, as veterans will already know how to play and newcomers can still enjoy the natural feel of the Flickit controls.

Very frequently (especially when it comes to sequels) developers try ‘something different’ and tweak the gameplay mechanics in some way that they feel will make the game more fun, accessible, challenging, etc. and end up annoying their fan base.  I guess Blackbox subscribes to the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” because it’s plain to see that they didn’t feel like messing with the core mechanics behind the game. Sure there are improvements in almost every field, but the way the game feels as you play it remains for the most part unchanged from Skate’s previous iterations.

There really isn’t much of a storyline behind Skate 3. The game starts and Reda (The narrator from the previous two games) hands you off to Shingo so that he can go and manage your company, from which point you basically just go out and do challenges in any old random order until you sell 1,000,000 boards. The end. But seriously? It’s a skateboarding game, not Heavy Rain.

While there are a great many ways to go about selling boards, doing challenges is by far the quickest and easiest. The challenges for the most part are unique and entertaining, offering up everything from games of 1Up against the Pros to  throwing yourself off of buildings for the Hall of Meat, and Deathraces through the Quarry and downtown Port Carverton. One of the nicest things about the challenges in my opinion is the fact that you don’t need to do ALL of them in order to sell 1,000,000 boards, I’m personally not a fan of Hall of Meat, so not being forced to do them makes me pretty happy.

There are a few new additions to the series, the greatest of which is undoubtedly the Create-A-Park editor. As you progress through the game’s challenges, you are rewarded with various obstacles which you can use in Create-A-Park (CAP),  so complete an Own The Spot challenge involving a weird ledge and you might get that ledge for CAP.  If you can think it up, chances are you can build it using CAP. The Create-A-Park editor has the potential to extend the game’s replay value to the point where you might never stop playing it in the first place.


Skate 3 is a fantastic title, easily the best of the series. With a framerate upgrade and tweaks to animations, the visuals are solid. Gameplay is as varied and interesting, with very little repetitiveness. Multiplayer and Create-a-Park just top this game off as an absolute ‘must-buy’ for anyone who even thinks that they might enjoy a skateboarding game.


Blackbox continues to give us remarkable titles, there have been rumors about Skate 3 being the last in the series, while these aren’t confirmed… do us all a favor and go buy Skate 3 so that they decide to make Skate 4.

–  Dr Strange Lulz

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