siliconknightslogo.jpgIn the legal wrangling between Silicon Knights and Epic over the Unreal Engine 3, Epic have filed a countersuit and argue that Silicon Knights are guilty of copyright infringement, breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets. As damages Epic want compensatory and punitive damages (totalling $650,000), injunctive relief (SK to stop using their engine), destruction of infringing goods (The game Too Human and SK’s engine), and legal fees.

Silicon Knights have responded with the following:

“We don’t think Epic’s counterclaim has any merit,” Holland told us. “We believe strongly that our claims in our complaint will prevail and the damages Silicon Knights has suffered in connection with its original complaint are vastly more, millions of dollars more than what Epic claims its damages are in its counterclaim. They’ve set forth $650,000 and our claims will dwarf that substantially.”

They also claim that there will not be any effect on the development and release of Too Human, unless of course Epic’s countersuit is successful.

To be honest I’m beginning to think that SK’s claims are a bizzare form of marketing, the only news I’ve seen of Too Human over the past few months has bee regarding this legal battle, though the fact that other developers have voiced concerns about UE3’s compatibility with the PS3. Sony have even sent a team in to Epic to help get UE3 working for the ‘timed exclusive’ release of Unreal Tournament 3 on the PS3. The fact that there have been no perceptible problems getting the engine working on the 360 and PC leads me to say again that I think that its a hardware issue. UE3 having been designed primarily for the Xbox and PC markets and the PS3 being a horse of a completely different colour.
(From Kotaku.

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