I love news stories like this. You know how gamers and practically anyone in the video game industry always seem to get the negative publicity? Well this video game store in Phoenix has done something to change that image and the good thing is that they were actually thinking of “good deeds” when they did it! AZCentral has this story:

A Gilbert family transformed Phoenix Children’s Hospital into a gamer’s paradise Friday.

The Behms own Get Your Gamez Inc., a video game rental service for Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo
Wii and other major gaming consoles. The couple set up Wii stations and Mario Kart for a Family Game Night at the hospital.

“What little we do for them is not anywhere near enough, but hopefully we are doing something invaluable for them,” said Jackie Behm, who launched the business with her husband Matt. “If they’d let me, I’d bring a Wii down there every Friday if I could.”

It may seem such a small deal ““ a business doing a publicity stunt. But tell the children at the hospital that. I promise you they would only say that they had a great time and their worries were alleviated that night! I think that more video game stores and other people who have the ability to help should do something like this in their communities. Not only sick children can benefit actually. Homes for the elderly and other similar institutions could use a helping hand in this respect, don’t you think?

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