Thankfully, Shadowrun Returns will not be a multiplayer FPS like this stinker.

Following the recent industry trend started by Tim Schafer’s Double Fine adventure game, Jordan Weisman (who created the original Shadowrun game) and developer Harebrained Schemes LLC started a Kickstarter project for Shadowrun Returns.  The Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter was supposed to have a goal of $400,000, but over 36,000 people ended up raising over $1.8 million to support the game.  Shadowrun Returns will be a 2D, singleplayer, turn-based PC RPG.

-Nick’s take:  My interest doesn’t lay in turn-based RPGs (I prefer real-time games), but Shadowrun Returns should still be better than the mediocre multiplayer PC/Xbox 360 FPS that Microsoft published a few years ago.

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