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Some colleges offer degrees related to certain aspects of the video game industry, including animation, graphic design, and computer science, but some schools have now started to offer programs strictly focused on the video game industry. They provide more specific degree programs intended for those wishing to work with video games. They’re growing in popularity and more and more are gaining accreditation and developing a reputation within the industry. Here are a few of the schools that have been established to train those wishing to start a career in the video game industry:

  • Full Sail University ““ This university, which is located in Florida, has been named one of the best game design schools in the world. It offers bachelor degree programs in computer animation, digital arts and design, game art, and game development. It also offers a master’s degree program in game design.
  • DigiPen ““ This school near Seattle, Washington offers degree programs in computer science, computer engineering, and fine arts, all with a focus on interactive digital entertainment technology. It also aims to teach how computer science can be used for 3D animation and offers up to a Master of Science degree.
  • Guildhall ““ The Guildhall program was created at Southern Methodist University in Texas as a graduate video game degree program. Its curriculum was developed by top names in the video game industry. The school offers a Master of Interactive Technology degree, which is focused on game development. It also offers specializations in art creating, level design, and software development.
  • University of Advancing Technology ““ This university, which is located in Arizona, offers bachelor degree programs focused on a wide variety of areas in the gaming industry. Students can pursue degrees in Game Design, Game Programming, Game Art and Animation, Game Production and Management, and Serious Game and Simulation.
  • The Art Institutes ““ There are about 50 Art Institutes spread throughout the nation, each of which offer several certificate and degree programs focused on video games. Students can study 3D Modeling for Animation and Games, Computer Animation, Game Art and Design, Game Programming, Visual and Game Programming, or Visual Effects and Motions Graphics.
  • Academy of Interactive Entertainment ““ This Australian school offers vocational training programs in computer game development with a focus on animation and programming as well as 3D animation. The school also allows students to complete bachelor degree programs once they’ve completed one of these programs.
  • Media Design School ““ This New Zealand school offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in 3D animation, digital media, visual effects, creative advertising, and video game development. Students in the game development program get the chance to work with a group of their peers to create their own video game before they finish up their degree.

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