sagalogosmall.jpgMixing RTS (Real Time Strategy) with elements form collectible card games, Saga, promises to bring something slightly different to the MMO scene. Developed by Silverlode Interactive and Wahoo Studios and based in a world built by the lead programmer of StarCraft: Brood War, Saga will be free to play, with no subscription fees. Instead players can chooses to buy expansions containing random units for their armies, much like booster packs for collectible card games. Players can then used a barter based trading system to swap the units they gain for other units and resources.

All the usual social aspects of the MMO scene will be present, an active economy, groups and guilds, PvP and a persistent world where their nation will continue doing things even while the player is offline. The strategy aspect of the game will not be restricted to the battlefiled either, with spies, assasins, alliances, diplomacy and trade all playing a part in the success or failure of your nation.

This is an intriguing idea, not only because its an MMORTS but the pricing model is a little different from the norm. When I was a lad I remember buying Magic: The Gathering boosters by the bucketload, if Saga takes off I can see today’s collectible card game addicts really getting into it.

I’ve applied for the open beta and will let you know how it plays. To apply yourself go here.

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