Grand Theft Auto V is coming in spring. Still interested in Halo and Call of Duty?

With big games such as Assassin’s Creed III (released today) and Halo 4 (next week) coming this holiday, it’s tempting to forget the games that will be releasing next year; games like The Last of Us, Dead Space 3, and BioShock Infinite.  Yet, there’s one game that people can’t seem to get off their minds–Rockstar’s mysterious Grand Theft Auto V.  Rockstar has teased us with very little information–a few screenshots and a trailer are all we have to go on so far, even if next month’s issue of Game Informer magazine promises to answer some of the biggest questions we have about the game.  One of those questions has already been answered; Grand Theft Auto V will release in spring 2013.

Photos of promotional Grand Theft Auto V posters began circulating the Internet a few days ago, prompting Rockstar to announce the game’s release window before it had likely wished.  Rockstar also announced that preorders for Grand Theft Auto V will begin next Monday, November 5.

-Nick’s take:  By saving this information, Rockstar no doubt hopes to steal some of the big holiday release’s thunder.  While games like Halo 4 and Call of Duty:  Black Ops II will sell millions upon millions of copies regardless, the knowledge thatGrand Theft Auto V is coming soon might inspire some gamers to hold off for what’s sure to be one of the defining games of this console generation.

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