All of the stuff shown in this Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning screenshot is now owned by the state of Rhode Island.

Developer 38 Studios no longer owns the assets from its game, Kingdoms of Amalur:  ReckoningBloomberg reports that the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation and the Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company now own all the assets from the Kingdoms of Amalur universe.  Rhode Island is going to try to sell the assets it won from 38 Studios to help pay off the big huge (get it?) $75 million loan the state gave 38 Studios.

In related news (and when I say “related,” I really mean that I didn’t want to write two separate news stories for these two bits of information), Epic Games (Gears of War, Unreal Engine 3) have opened a new development studio in Maryland called Impossible Studios.  Impossible Studios is led by the former general manager of Big Huge Games (who co-developed Kingdoms of Amalur:  Reckoning with 38 Studios) and is comprised of many other former Big Huge Games employees.  Impossible Studios is assisting developer Chair Entertainment (Shadow Complex) with the iOS dungeon crawler Infinity Blade:  Dungeons.

-Nick’s take:  Maybe publisher EA–who expressed an interest in making a sequel to Kingdoms of Amalur:  Reckoning–will buy the assets from Rhode Island?  It’s time to put your money where your mouth is, EA.

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