Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

Developer: Double Fine

Publisher: THQ

Rating: “E” for Everyone

Review by Alejandro Gustafar

Platform Reviewed on: Xbox 360

“Stacking”, by Double Fine, is an outstanding game involving matryoshka dolls (Russian stacking dolls) in a world full puzzles and excitement. There are various different types of dolls for you to jump into and each comes with their own unique ability, which some are key for completing these involved and at times, complex puzzles. If you are familiar with Double Fine games, you’re familiar with Tim Schaffer’s outstanding comedic approach and unique story and game play seen in his previous titles (“Grim Fandango”, “Psychonaughts”, “Brutal Legends” and “Costume Quest”) . Stacking, in my opinion, introduces us to a new way to play puzzle games. In the game itself, you play as Charlie Blackmore one of the most unique dolls in the entire world of Stacking. He has the ability to jump into a doll, control it, and then also jump into another doll that is the next size up. This is his story…

Well readers, you are in for a suprise today! I somehow got an exclusive interview with “Stacking” star, Charlie Blackmore. He’s going to join me for this first time ever InteReview (see what I just did there). This is exclusive to this site only and no site will ever have had this opportunity. Well let’s begin!


Alejandro Gustafar – “Hey Charlie, take a seat and let’s begin.”


Charlie Blackmore – “Umm… Do you think you could give me a lift?”


AG – (chuckles) “I’m sorry, let me give you a hand buddy.” (picks up CB and places him on the seat)


CB – “Thanks, I appreciate that. It’s not like I had anyone to jump into to get me there this time around. So what would you like to talk to me about?”


SG – “Well first off, I want to say how much of a fan I am of “Stacking” and what it has done for the gaming world. Also, I remember your cameo in the “Costume Quest” DLC. That was awesome seeing you before you became the star you are now.”


CB – “That’s funny, thank you for noticing! Some people just seemed to miss that. I wouldn’t say I’m that big of a star, if it wasn’t for Tim Schafer and Double Fine I wouldn’t even be here. Thank them, not me.”


SG – “Oh wow, that is true. Plus I’m a huge fun of all their work, so yea. Thanks guys.”


CB – “But anyways, what do you mean what I’ve, or even we’ve, done to the gaming world?”


SG – “Well you took the puzzle games to another level. Introducing a character who can adapt to anything, or really anyone, and complete challenges that those around him would never think could be done. On top of that, those people you take control over give you a special ability, even at times if stacked with the proper dolls you can do certain combos that create something even more. It was a nice twist on a classic genre. It was outside the box or even outside the doll some could say.”


CB – “Yeah, that is true, I never looked at it that way. Well, I wasn’t even sure if what could be done was even possible. At that point in my life I never knew how unique I was being the runt of the pack. Now knowing I can do whatever needs to be done, I can do it, really helps with all the challenges I had to face. Especially with the kidnapping of my family. I almost thought no one could help til I met my good friend Levi, the hobo.”


SG – “Ah yes, who could forget Levi. I especially enjoyed the Lost Hobo King DLC which focused on his people’s story and him too. Anyways, lets get back on track. How did you feel about the games story?”


CB – “Isn’t that more of a question for me to ask you? I think this interview is backwards!”

SG – “OH WOW! You are completely right. Well I’ll answer my own question by saying that the story about you and you’re family was touching. Your family seemed very close and loving. When they all got captured by The Baron that’s when you had to step up to the plate and go from little doll to the big doll you are today.”


CB – “I wouldn’t say I’m a big doll at all, but I see what you mean. The Baron was a tough challenge in my life. Especially at the end where it not only took me, but the help of my whole family. That’s all I can say about that just so it doesn’t get ruined for those who haven’t played. Now what else did you like?”


SG – “Generally everything. The world of “Stacking” itself is just awesome. I really do want to see more from “Stacking” because I feel there can be a lot to work with here.”


CB – “Yeah, I agree with you there. I don’t want have to cut you short, but my parents wanted me home a little while ago so we’re going to have to cut this short.”


SG – “Damn, just when I felt like things were starting to roll. Well I can’t hold you against my will, so maybe I’ll see you again sometime.”


CB – “Maybe, just maybe. Farewell!” (he jumps off the seat and trots away)


Wow… that didn’t go as I hoped, but maybe YOU (the fans) can help us! If you thought this was a nice take on a review let us know and we will randomly do these, but go more in depth with it. It’s nice to try new things in life, especially if it’s “”. Go pick it up today over at the marketplace for 1200 MSP (apparently it’s 600 MPS for gold members so grab it now!). The DLC “The Lost Hobo King” is only 400 MSP!



Overall Score: 9




Music: 9 (The simple sound effects and the music through out the game really makes it a gem and sets the game so nicely)


Storyline: 8 (The story is nothing over the top, but yet it captures you and lands you in this never before seen world)


Graphics: 8.5 (All the dolls look like what we see in stores and around the world, the world is created to fit that idea which suits it very nicely and its comes together to create its own unique art style)


Gameplay: 9 (Never have I played a game as unique as this, yet it’s nothing hard to do which makes it perfect for any gamer to play. Plus the puzzles you must figure out are so amazing you just want to keep doing more)


DLC: 8 (“The Lost Hobo King” adds a new story, new characters, new challenges, and some unique moves. Sadly it is to short, but none the less worth the 400 MPS)


Overall Fun Factor: 9 (You will do every challenge, find every doll, do every answer to puzzles and yet find yourself wanting more. A game for all who likes to game.)


Final Thoughts


All I can really say is that Double Fine knows what to do when it comes to games. Stacking is a perfect example of that and I really hope there will be a sequel or just a lot more DLC. Looking forward to see what Double Fine does next… TRENCHED!


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