beat hazardPlatforms: Xbox 360, PC

Developer: Cold Beam Games

Publisher: Cold Beam Games

Rating: “E” for Everyone

Review by Alejandro Gustafar

Platform Reviewed on: Xbox 360
“WARNING! Photosensitive Seizures. This game uses full screen strobing effects.”¬†That’s the first thing you’ll see from Cold Beam Games Indie Game release before you play. You’ve been warned!

Beat Hazard plays like classics such Asteroids or even Geometry Wars. Now the games true essence comes from you, the player. What I mean is that the speed of the game and your attack power is purely based off of the song that is playing. Now you’re wondering, what song is playing? Simply put, the game allows you to take any songs off of your hard drive and put them into the game. Now on top of that, the game does come with ten songs already so you can try those out, but personally if you have some killer albums then those are your strong points. The heavier the music, the stronger your attack beam is, so basically if you’re playing any music with heavy beats or insane drum blasts or anything along those lines, you are going to have a lot of fun. The objective of the game is survive to the end of the song, even if it’s a 10 or more minute track. You have 3 lives, two bombs, and that’s about it. Bombs do drop through the levels randomly and you can gain extra life for high scores.

Now at times you will find yourself needing to take a break because of the games strobe effects. Now it isn’t that bad at times, it just depends on the song. I’m the kind of the guy that will be playing a song by The Black Dahlia Murder and it’s pretty intense, but if I put in something like Born of Osiris, the game is insane, mainly due to the various sound effects, synths and drumming especially. Be very careful though, this game really messes with your eyes and you don’t even know what you’re shooting at times. Beat Hazards game play will only go as far as your music collection, now with that being said you can’t use an external hard drive or anything, has to be saved to the Xbox itself so that’s kind of made it a little bit of a hassle for me since I have most of my music on my computer, but it still doesn’t ruin the game.

beat hazard

There is co-op! Thing is it is a pain. Remember at times you can’t even tell what you are doing, now with a second player in the mix at times you will get confused at who you are or even where you are. Co-Op is not its strong point, but it definitely adds more to the game. The game breaks down every album you have and gives you a percentage on how for you’ve completed the entire album. Such a neat little feature! At times you will honestly feel like this was an arcade over an indie game because the graphics are pretty good and the game play is solid.

This is a must have for anyone that likes Asteroids or Geometry Wars or anything in between. It’s even more of a must if you love music and want to see how some of your favorite songs play-out. Here’s the best part, it only costs 400 MSP and its way worth that price. All this game needs now is some achievements and we’re in business! Now pick this game up today and start adding all the music you can!

Overall Rating: 8/10



Music: 10/10 (Besides the games nice sound effects, the music powers this game and you choose the music.)

Storyline: Unless you’re playing this to Pink Floyd’s The Wall then there is none.

Gameplay: 9/10 (Shooters are fun, insane visuals even more fun, and well it’s just flawless)

Graphics: 8/10 (Visually beautiful, but it can wear on your eyes after a while)

Overall Fun Factor: 8/10 (Being the game is so great, the fact you can get a seizure for 5 bucks is kind of lame)


Final Thoughts

Probably one of the best Indie games on the Xbox 360. What I really want is to see Cold Beam Games come out with more releases to see where they go. They have the potential and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they release a full on Xbox release. Let’s hope!


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