In January, Resistance PS3 developer Insomniac Games announced that it was done making new games in the FPS series.  That didn’t stop developer Nihilistic Software from making Resistance:  Burning Skies for the PlayStation Vita, however.  Unlike previous games in the series, Burning Skies failed to win critical acclaim, and now it seems that the series may be done for.

In an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) online producer Daniel Brooke stated, “The Resistance franchise has been exciting to work on, but as for the future, we have no definitive plans.”  While this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Resistance franchise is done for, Insomniac’s departure from the series and the weak critical reception of Burning Skies mean that the future of the franchise isn’t looking bright.

-Nick’s take:  The first three Resistance games on PS3 were good, but they never quite rose to the quality level–or found the commercial success of–Microsoft’s Halo franchise.  I’d still be kind of sad if there wasn’t another Resistance game, though; the fiction has so much potential for greatness.

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