Shinji Mikami is returning to survival horror with his new game "Zwei"

Gamers not happy with Capcom’s focus on action in recent Resident Evil games should take note; original Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami has revealed to Famitsu that he is working on a new survival horror game.  Developed by Tango Gameworks (Mikami-san’s development studio) and codenamed “Zwei,” the game has been in development since late 2010.  Mikami-san is Zwei’s executive director and is “fully involved” in the game’s development.  As to why he is working on a survival horror game, Mikami-san stated that he wants to live up to fan expectations and that survival horror is the best fit.  No platforms or release date has been announced for Zwei.

-Nick’s take:  I like Resident Evil 4 and 5, but Capcom is apparently in no rush to return to the franchise’s survival horror roots.  Those seeking a more traditional horror game should follow Zwei’s development closely.  Since the game is fairly far along in development, we might be seeing more of it come E3.

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