ousama-monogatari.jpgHarvest Moon was one of the stranger titles to do well on the GameCube, with follow ups on the DS. Its creator, Yasuhiro Wada, seems to have come up with another interestingly innovative title for the Wii. Known for a long time by the codename ‘Project O’, Ousama Monogatari (King Story in English) the game seems to mix RPG and strategy elements in an exquisitely rendered cartoon world.

Taking control of a young boy named Corobo, who becomes king through the use af a magical crown given to him by a knight riding a bull, your task is to guide your people and build an empire from scratch. Like another quirky Nintendo title, Pikmin, you can give orders to groups of up to 10 people at once and get them to battle the beasts that roam the country side and build up the towns in your kingdom.
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Its the visuals that grabbed my attention though. Rendered in a cutesy style that looks like it has been drawn rather than generated by a computer, the game has an aesthetic appeal similar to that of Harvest Moon. As Wada said:

“It’s similar to Harvest Moon in that it’s a family-orientated game and is aimed at gamers that have got bored of other games. It incorporates life-sim elements. You could say it’s like Sim City or Sim World. However, in Sim World the player takes on the role of God to create a world, but in Ousama Monogatari the gamer plays among the people and creates the world around them from ground-level, not as god.

I really enjoyed Pikmin, and though I never played Harvest Moon I could quite easily appreciate its appeal. This looks like being a nice light hearted RPG/Strategy title.
(From Kotaku.)

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