Some of the interesting things which happened in the world of games this week.

  • Bizarrely Activision. Bizarre Creations has been bought by Activision. What does this mean for the Gotham Racing series? We don’t yet know.
  • Halo Xbox 360 Units Shipping With New Processors?. Rumours are (though from the evidence thay look pretty solid) that the Halo edition of the 360 is fitted out with the new ‘Falcon’ 65nm processors. Cutting down on power consumption and heat production. Watch this space for red ring news.
  • [ev type=”youtube” data=”tZiB_JcRH_s”][/ev]
    More news and info about Metaplace, the online virtual world building tools.
  • NCsoft’s Garriott heading to International Space Station. Lord British, AKA Richard Garriott of Ultima and Tabula Rasa Fame, is heading into space. Lets hope he comes back and makes more games.
  • Happy 30th birthday, Atari 2600!. We would not have the home games console as we know it today without this venerable old machine. Bow and give thanks, we are not worthy to hold it’s paddles.
  • BBFC launches site for parents. For those parents who care enough about what their children are doing on their computers and are confused about ratings, this site explains all.
  • Launched, Now Steal Some Free Games. For in depth information on the indy games industry and downloads of some of the best independent games out there, is the place to go.

All that and Microsoft claimed last week that its console was the most innovative this generation, I’m not even linking to it because the idea is simply laughable.

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