etqw_ads_500.jpgMuch like Battlefield 2142, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is to have in game advertising, though its not clear if those ads will be targeted in the same way as BF2142’s. Neils Postlethwaite of Splash Damage says this about the sdvertising:

“ETQW will feature appropriate advertisements in select locations of our levels. The ads aren’t intrusive and you won’t have to interact with them; they’ll just be part of the normal environment. In fact, there are some places it’s quite odd not to have an advertisement – the sides of container trucks, for example. Great care is being taken to ensure that all our ads are appropriate for the game world and we have absolute approval rights in this area. If it’s not appropriate or it’s distracting, it won’t go in.”

Controversy erupted around BF2142’s ad system when it was released, because to make the in game ads work (and the entire game) you had to install what amounted to spyware on your computer so that the ad servers knew where in the world you were and served appropriate advertising. What angered those who bought the game was the fact that EA put the leaflet informing them of this fact inside the box, so that if you didn’t want to have this software on your system (ie didn’t want to install the game with its non-optional spyware) you were stuck with the game anyway because retailers wouldn’t take the game back if it had been opened.

Here’s hoping that Splash Damage and Id Software have learned from this and either left out targeted ads altogether, or inform gamers on the outside of the box what is involved. (From Kotaku.)

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