homelogo.jpgIt all started last Thursday with the leaking of a Circuit City poster for July 15th, The PS3 was finally to get a price cut.

It continued with GameDaily receiving inside info from “a merchandising manager at one of the worlds biggest retailers.” And more moles came bursting up through Sony’s pristine lawn of secrecy to add weight to the speculation.

The president of Sony, Ryoji Chubachi, then said that there were no plans to cut the price of this most expensive of consoles, but did refer questioners to the relevant division of his huge company if they had any further queries. Then yesterday the rumour was confirmed, The price of the 60GB edition of the PS3 is to drop by $100 in the US as of today.

On its release there was much criticism directed at Sony for its pricing of the PS3, with some reviews saying that it wasn’t worth it yet and Sony execs saying that it was cheap for the technology you got inside it. This may have damaged the console’s sales somewhat and contributed to the Wii outstripping its rival by 6 to 1 in the states. It didn’t stop people queueing for it though and the PS3 enjoyed respectable launch sales. These soon dropped off however and many believe that the price was responsible. $600 (~£300) is a lot of money for what many people see as a toy.

Earlier this year the PS3 launched in South Korea, with an 80GB version which wasn’t available anywhere else in the world. Gamespot is confirming that the $100 price drop will come in on July 9th with the release of the 80GB package, which will include Motorstorm, at the original $599 price point slated for sometime in August.

Sony have also contacted GamesIndustry.biz to announce that they will be saying something relating to the PS3 price cut with regards to Europe at this Thursday’s E3 Media and Business Summit. No details are available as yet, but it is expected that Europe will also get the benefit of a price cut along with an 80GB package similar to that being released in the US. The price of the 60GB PS3 currently stands at £425 (€599) and I expect it will drop by €100, us Brits getting a raw deal as usual

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