The PS3 is a pricey piece of kit, everyone knows it and even the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, is complaining about it.

“Sony must cut the price of PS3 to ensure it remains the dominant force in the console market and achieve the same success it’s seen with PSone and PS2. They have to decrease the price quite significantly.”

We all know that eventually the price will drop, the key word there being eventually, but if it doesn’t drop soon people are going to go elsewhere for their console fix. According to last months sales US sales numbers its already happening. PS3 sales slumped by nearly 30% from March to a dismal 82,000 units, behind even the GBA. Dave Karraker, SCEA’s senior director of corporate communcations made excuses about “a lack of new software in the market.” but I’m sure he knows in his heart that its down to the console’s price. All the ‘great’ titles that are lined up for the next few months aren’t going to be worth much if no-one’s willing to fork out for the console. Pretty and powerful it maybe but people are voting with their wallets and telling Sony that they don’t think the PS3 is worth it. (From Neowin and The Last Boss.)

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