Someone has released pictures of their PSHome experience on PS3Forums, from download to wandering around in the virtual world. I have to say I’m impressed. I was expecting something like Second Life but am pleasantly surprised with the quality of the graphics, which are apparent even though the quality of the photos is a little lacking. So without further ado here they are:

pshomebeta1.jpg This is the download screen, at 225MB its reasonably small and shouldn’t take long if you have a decent connection.

pshomebeta2.jpg Part of the avatar creation process I presume, unfortunately this picture doesn’t give any clues as to the range of options available to you when creating your online persona. I think this may be a girl.

pshomebeta3.jpg This seems to be a PSP which you can access within Home itself, whether changes made here are reflected on your real world PSP is not made clear, though Sony would be missing a trick if there wasn’t some kind of connectivity between the two.

pshomebeta4.jpg Ooh, a loading screen.

pshomebeta5.jpg A big screen, presumably showing video, in one of the public areas of Home. From the clothing on the two avatars seen here it may be safe to surmise that the options for different clothing aren’t implemented yet, or it could be that these two were so eager to get started they just stuck with the defaults.

pshomebeta6.jpg A cinema for viewing trailers and the like. It looks like this may be another public area, as you can probably see from the ghosted out avatar just to the right of the main one.

pshomebeta7.jpg The same room but this time with more people in it. As you can see the avatar that was ghosted in the previous image is actually using their virtual PSP. There are more clothing options on show here as well, looks like our guide was simply too eager to be bothered with choosing a wardrobe.

pshomebeta8.jpg Another area of the cinema decorated with some movie posters (both available on Blu-Ray discs). I have to say that so far I’m quite impressed with the quality of the environments on display, obviously its hard to get a good idea of their true quality without seeing them in motion, but the lighting and textures look good, which is as it should be on the PS3.

pshomebeta9.jpg  A bowling alley, complete with arcade cabinets which you can just see over to the right. The big screens are showing video game trailers I think, I can’t imagine them being static. Sony is obviously wise to the advertising opportunities which Home affords them.

There are more shots available (either at Destructoid or PS3Forums) but to be honest these ones are the best quality I’ve seen so far. Looking at the screenshots it seems that Home is shaping up quite nicely, though you can’t tell from static pictures what its actually like to use and whether there are any really irritating bugs. As Home it put through its paces in this closed beta stage  it will be interesting to hear the verdict from users before it gets a full release. (From Destructoid.)

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