The brand new PlayStation 4 has been announced by Sony and it sounds like it is going to take gaming to the next level. The announcements Sony made show that they are taking a step towards the social media aspect of the word we live in and embracing it to make the PlayStation experience a lot more interactive. It will have 8 GB of RAM, voice chat functions, a store and also a web browser feature where you can search for online games. The social features will include the ability to download or stream games, get game updates, movies and programs from the internet. The new DualShock 4 control will include a touch screen, a touch pad, and a button that will take you to where the games are streamed from. The controller will also be able to connect to Android smartphones and you can then chat with other PS4 gamers and also control their PS4’s.

The whole interface has had a revamp so that it works like a social network. The chat features and instant messaging amongst friends will add to the whole gaming experience and make it more enjoyable. Sony has joined up with Facebook and Ustream to allow even more interaction amongst gamers. Currently, the PlayStation 3 has one casino game, and the new features of the PlayStation 4 could mean big things for fans of online casino. The ability to stream games directly from the internet could mean a wider variety of casino games available to be played on the PlayStation 4. You can already play poker, slots and all the other favourite casino games on the PlayStation, and this could mean access to even more with great 3D graphics and the added appeal of being able to access your social networks and fellow gamers.



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