Nigel over at GamblingMoments makes the insightful point that if you truly want to learn from your mistakes and become a better gamer, no matter what the game you are playing, you’ve got to take an objective stance.  Games are based on rules.  From an analysis of the rules, you can determine your mistakes.

Most often, the mistakes that are made by novices and amateurs actually aren’t immediately obvious.  Rather, the full materialization of the error is often the compounding of simple mistakes several steps back.  Whether it is chess, poker, or even a game like football, the best players and the best analysts know that you’ve got dig deeper than the surface to find the true source of an error and correct it.

This even applies to video games.  Are you constantly getting crushed in Halo, or blown away in a game of Madden?  Chances are that you can do something about it.  But it takes more than a minor adjustment.  You’ve got to think through each step of the game and how you can improve.  Just keep in mind that it’s the little things that make a big difference, but it’s also the little things that are the hardest things to master.  So even if the effort now doesn’t seem to paying off, stick with it and you’ll start see a difference over time.

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