Nvidia's GeForce GRID is a new cloud gaming service.

Some industry experts predict that cloud gaming is the future.  Cloud gaming is basically a type of streaming service in which all the games being streamed are hosted by a designated server location.  What this means for players–theoretically–is that any gaming device (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, gaming console) can stream any game regardless of hardware specifications.  What this usually results in, however, is low-quality graphics and input lag.

Not deterred by the mixed reaction to cloud gaming services such as OnLive, Nvidia–the manufacturer of the GeForce graphics cards–is entering the cloud gaming world with its own service, called GeForce GRID.  Supposedly, GRID will allow for gaming at 60 frames-per-second with almost no lag.  No other details were announced about GRID, but Nvidia is expected to release further details about the service soon.

-Nick’s take:  Cloud gaming–from what I’ve heard–is a decent solution if you can’t afford to buy a high-end gaming PC.  Otherwise, you’re better off sticking with PC/console games.  Nvidia is a major company with a good reputation, though, so maybe they can figure it all out?

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