Yet another video game tie-in.

Okay, there are going to be a bunch of people annoyed by all of the tie-ins and peripherals that Modern Warfare 2 is getting. I’ve seen this topic a couple of times since people found out about the Monster Assault energy drink, and every time people discuss it they always seem to have this hint of disappointment or anger in their tone of writing.

I don’t think that the annoyance actually stems from the product but from gamers themselves.

I see kids doing stuff on TV and in real life that I was doing 6 or 7 years ago, and on more than one occasion I’ve found myself saying, “Wow, that’s cool now?”

When I was going through school video games weren’t considered cool, and the kids who played them… oh man we were about as far from cool as you could get.

I think the apt term is social leper.

Gamers have been considered nerds, geeks, and outcasts for as long as I can remember.

But suddenly… Gamers are cool?

All of a sudden though, we have TV shows about gamers, movies about gamers, drinks dedicated to gamers, hell we have an entire network dedicated to gamers (sidenote: Hi G4!).

The way things are going, how long will it be before the varsity QB is replaced by the FPS champ.

– Dr Strange Lulz

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