The Wii continues to sell out across the world, beating the PS3 in almost every territory and catching up to the 360 at a rate of knots. Demand still outstrips supply however and no consoles in shops means irate consumers. Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo’s vice president of marketing and corporate affairs, tries to reassure customers in a recent Game Theory Podacst.

“We are at absolute maximum production and doing everything we can. The number of units that we have been able to produce has far exceeded our hardware production in the past and the production levels of a lot of our competitors but demand continues to be really high. People are being really diligent about working with retailers to locate one but we are cognisent of the fact that a lot of fans are not able to get their hands on one yet. We are asking them to be patient and to know that we are working on this as fast as we can.”

So they are trying, and hats off to them for that, but the shortage looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. It seems that the success of the Wii is as much of a surprise to Nintendo as it is to everyone else. (From via

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