Team Bondi’s next game, Whore of the Orient, will be hitting next-gen consoles.

L.A. Noire is one of the best games of the past few years, but developer Team Bondi had so many problems after releasing the game–including claims that its development process was hellish–that I didn’t expect anything else out of the developer.  Looks like I was wrong; Team Bondi has announced Whore of the Orient, a next-gen game set in Shanghai circa 1936.  It’s not yet clear what type of gameplay Whore of the Orient will feature, but it sounds like there will be some kind of conflict around communism.

-Nick’s take:  I thought Team Bondi was dead.  As in, no more games.  I’m glad they’re still around, though; if Whore of the Orient (I expect that name to change before release, for obvious reasons) is even better than L.A. Noire, gamers are in for something truly special and unique.

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