Rogue secret agents, homicidal artificial intelligence, sexy blue aliens (and space marines), a race of genocidal spaceships… its safe to say that the universe of Mass Effect is in dire need of a hero. So its most definitely a good thing that Commander Shepard is back for a second game.

For those among us who either don’t know what Mass Effect is  or have never played it I can only say one thing… Go out and rent yourself a copy. Combine one of the best RPGs of the last 10 years with an amazing third person shooter, throw in a responsive and innovative dialogue system, and you’ve got yourself a playable movie.

Mass Effect on IGN

For those of you familiar with the Mass Effect universe here’s a few new bits of information about the sequel.

Spoilers from here on out folks, don’t look if you don’t want to know.

First off Garrus is back! While we’re not sure how many or how much we’ll be seeing of the characters from the first game, its nice to know that at least one of them will be returning. Hopefully we’ll be able to reacquire previous characters as party members, as we currently only know of 3 of the 10 possible party members available in the new game.

Oh hey, remember that Geth with Shepards armor that we saw back in one of the first teasers? Well he finally has a name (and contrary to original speculation its not Shepard). Legion is part of a splinter faction of the Geth, and while his motives are currently unknown one thing is certain, he is stalking you. Consider him a bio-synthetic self aware version of Glenn Close. Legion looks to be one of the most intriguing enemies we’ve seen in quite a while.  Legion is one of a growing list of enemies that Shepard will have to face in the sequel to one of Xbox 360’s greatest hits.

Stay tuned for more coverage of Mass Effect 2 right up until its release this January.

Oh ya, so two more quick things.

So until a couple of days ago I didn’t know that people actually read this, and was quite shocked to find out that there was actually a fairly large readership. So I guess what I really want to say is… thanks?

And lastly, Modern Warfare 2 comes out in less than a week and despite all of the juicy information I have on it I’ve managed to somehow restrain myself until next Thursday when I can give the singleplayer a serious review. I’ll tell you this though, Game is sick.


– Dr Strange Lulz

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