One of the more controversial decisions Sony computer has made with the PlayStation 3 was the decision to forego the classic rumble features of its two predecessors and opting instead to put motion sensing technology. The decision had left many a PlayStation faithful quite surprised and wary. Up to now, questions still remain whether the company made the right decision but if there is one definite thing about this is that new PS3 games will definitely be using the new tilt technology in many different ways.For example, it was recently announced that 2K Sports’ basketball game NBA2K7 will be incorporating the motion sensing technology of the controller for the game.

When 2K Sports released the list of features that will be incorporated into the new NBA game on the PlayStation 3, the Sixaxis (Sony’s name for its tilt technology feature) controller’s motion sensitive technology and its use in the game was what captured the attention of the gaming media especially since it will be a feature that will not be available in any other versions of NBA 2K7.

The tilt feature will be prominently used in the free throw shooting part of the game but 2K Sports still has not revealed how exactly the tilt feature will be used. The other versions of the game in the other rival consoles will only be using the analog joystick.

NBA 2K7 is going to be launch title for the PlayStation 3 and at present it still has yet to be rated.

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