Who said that video games are harmful to the development of the youth?  I have always believed that this idea is way too biased and I was more than happy to hear that the renowned and respected group National Geographic is coming up with it own video game series.  Their aim is to “encourage a new generation to take an interest in science and the environment by launching branded video games.”

National Geographic has teamed up with other big names in the video game industry such as Namco Bandai and Sony Computer Entertainment in an effort to come up with video games that will work in different gaming consoles.  As of the moment, they are looking at releasing titles for the Nintendo DS and Wii, the PlayStation 3, and even the Apple iPhone.  It has been reported that there will be more formats, though.

As for the titles, there are a lot on the drawing board.  The Telegraph reported a coupe of them:

Forthcoming games include Herod’s Lost Tomb, out this month, National Geographic: Panda, produced by Namco Bandai, and National Geographic: Africa, made by Sony. Next month sees the release of games focused on rainforests and the food chain.

The report that I read merely mentioned the basic details.  What I am curious about is the kind of game play that these games will offer.  For sure, these will be high quality games but I cannot help but wonder what kind of gamer they will cater to.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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