So far I’ve previewed the game and reviewed the campaign, so I guess its about time I covered multiplayer.

Let’s go.

The Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is just beyond comparison. If you loved the MP in the original, then you should know that its even better in the sequel.  A lot of sites review a game’s multiplayer after only a few hours behind the controls, I don’t like doing that. Multiplayer is designed to last long after the singleplayer campaign is over, so it’s only fair to review it after having played it for a week or two. At this point I’ve clocked just under two full days of multiplayer gameplay (Meaning I’ve played it for 48 hours since its release) and I’ve experienced enough at this point to give it a fair review.modern-warfare-2-screens_06-18

I figure the only place to start is right at the beginning, level 1. So opening up multiplayer for the first time you’re limited to certain classes and certain gametypes. The starting selection of both is far better than in the original Modern Warfare, and it seems as if the classes are really designed to introduce players to the new features of the game.

I had originally thought that perks like Bling (Lets players have 2 attatchements on 1 gun)and One Man Army (Allows players to change class mid game) would completely overpower players and unbalance the game, I’m happy to report that I was wrong on both counts. Weapons are another area in which the IW guys went above and beyond the Call of Duty (See what I did there?) and the variety offered allow players to use virtually any weapon while still being completely balanced. The perk and weapon selections are so diverse and balanced that it’s really a matter of personal preference instead of what you NEED in order to compete.


The new killstreaks are incredibly fun to use and offer a variety of tools with which to rain fiery death down upon your enemies.  While many people thought the nuke would ruin gameplay, I’ve had 1 nuke used on me and I’ve used two on others. I expected people to be annoyed both times I dropped the nuke, but instead people were excited and completely stoked to have it happen to them.

Overall the gameplay is solid and involving. I see myself and a great many other people spending quite a bit of time leveling up to 70 just to prestige, then doing it all over again… 10 times.

So if you haven’t bought it yet.

Go Now.

– Dr Strange Lulz

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