Earlier this week COD fans discovered FindMakarov.com. The website displays a clock counting down to what most of us were hoping to be Modern Warfare 3 reveal, unfortunately with no other information besides the url it was difficult to speculate.

But gamers are a distrustful bunch when it comes to the thing we love, and in keeping with that Geoff Keighley (gaming journalist extraordinaire, and host of GameTrailersTV on Spike) decided to do some digging. His research (and by research I mean he called up Activision and asked them. Being a legitimate video game journalist has its perks.) netted this response from an Activision spokesperson,

“Let me be clear we are not revealing yet. Anything indicating otherwise is a hoax.”

Further digging by Mr. Keighley revealed that the website was created by We Can Pretend, a Toronto based production company, working on a “Modern Warfare inspired project.”

The following teaser still was sent to Joystick by the creators of the project:

Best guess at this point is that this unnamed project is in fact a short film, but then again we could be wrong… and we usually are.

We’ll just have to wait and see, so check back  in a couple of days to find out.

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