Jimmy Fallon kicked off gaming week last night with a bang. Eric Hirshberg from Activision, Robert (fourzerotwo) Bowling from Infinity Ward, and Glen Schofield from Sledgehammer Games were there to show some gameplay from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The gameplay shown was from the demo shown at E3 in which US forces infiltrate an enemy submarine and after doing something (it was skipped for time in the demo) they escape via boats through New York Harbor, on Fallon only the latter half of the demo was actually shown and it was a tiny portion.

The real gem of this video is the debut gameplay from the newly designed Spec-Ops “Survival” mode in which players fight wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies. Even Simon Pegg, another of Fallon’s guests got in on the action with a character named “Private Pegg” Fallon and Pegg proceeded to fumble their way through the first wave of enemies before the segment ended. But getting a good look at the engine and some unseen gameplay was worth it only being a short demonstration.

All in all it was a nice little segment. Modern Warfare 3 launches November 8th in the US.

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