Lets begin this review with a brief story of how I actually got my hands on Infinity Ward’s latest title.

Since I couldn’t get there closer to 12:01 am, I had to spend 10 hours lurking around the mall while waiting for the midnight release. So after hanging out at Gamestop for a while and shooting the shit with the employees I headed over to the bookstore and picked myself up a new Warhammer 40k book. So while sitting on a bench reading my book a lovely girl wanders up and starts a conversation with me, 2 hours later I had her number and a job offer. The reason I mention this is that I later found out that it was actually an invite to a Multi Level Financial Organization, more frequently known as a Pyramid Scheme. So 7 hours, 8 beers, 3 shots, 2 energy drinks, and 15 new friends later I had myself a copy of Modern Warfare 2.

So lets get this show on the road.


Part I: Campaign

Popping the disc in for the first time I was struck by the the obvious menu change, instead of giving six or seven different options on the main menu there are only three, Campaign, Spec Ops, and Multiplayer. This new menu makes it extremely clear that IW is staying well clear of the current trend of blending various modes together, the most common example being the ever-so-popular coop campaign.

For the most part the campaign is very similar to the original Modern Warfare and veterans of the original will feel right at home the very first time they pick up the control. Regarding the difficulty levels I will say this, the game is hard. Regular difficulty was closer to Hardcore from the original Modern Warfare, there were times where I could run unharmed through 20 enemies blocking a road, and times where I was dying within a second of loading my last checkpoint. I actually started my first playthrough on veteran, and after 15 of staring at quotes by people like JFK I decided I’d just run through it on regular for now and go back for veteran later.

The graphics are simply amazing, and the streaming technology behind it all will probably become standard issue in games from now on. Whatever environment you happen to be in there are constantly items that can be interacted with (shot, blown up, etc.) and the constant visual stimulation is one of the driving forces behind the game’s amazing level of intensity.



Sorry but that’s the only way to put it and do the game justice. The storyline picks up 5 years after the original and for the most part puts you in the shoes of two new characters ‘Roach’ and ‘Ramirez’ but while the developers phrased it in a way that made it seem like you’d be playing almost elusively as Roach you spend a large portion of the game playing as various other characters, including everyone’s favorite FNG, Soap.

If Modern Warfare 2 is your first venture into the COD series then the storyline of MW2 might be a tad confusing, I believe that playing the first one is really the only way to both understand and truly enjoy the complexity of the story in Modern Warfare 2.

So if you haven’t done it yet, pick yourself up a copy of the original Modern Warfare.

And you should already have Modern Warfare 2, there’s no excuse for you not to have it.

Go, buy it.



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