Loads of MMO news over the last 18 hours, announcements, beta signups and all sorts. I’ve decided to put them all in one post. Enjoy.

Beta Signups

  • Warhammer Online has opened up applications for its closed beta (US readers can sign up here). Based in Games Workshop’s fantasy setting, developers GOA have recently teamed up with EA online which has put back the planned release date till next year. Nice to see things finally starting to happen on this one.
  • Greek myth based Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising has also opened applications for their closed beta. Developed by Perpetual Studios, the game is due for release later this year. I can’t help hoping that they haven’t just replicated the WoW model with an ancient Mediterranean setting.(Video)
  • Yet another opportunity to get in on a beta, this time for Fury. Developed by Aura and published by Gamecock, Fury is an action oriented fantasy MMOG which promises fast paced combat with an emphasis on teamwork and tactical decision making. Another WoW clone? Lets hope not. (Video)
  • Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn beta client is available for download. The graphical remake of the long running EA MMO title, is currently only available to FilePlanet subscribers with no news on whether it will be opened up to everyone or not.

Other MMO news

  • MMO fighting game, Kwon Ho, has been released. Think Virtua Fighter or Tekken, but online and with the opportunity to earn experience towards new special moves and costumes for your fighters. Free to play with the option to buy some items and moves for cash.(Video)
  • Internet Gaming Gate has announced another MMO based on Greek Mythology called Gods War. From the website it looks quite cartoony with a manga/anime style to it, and while it claims to be fully 3D from the screenshots it seems to be closer to isometric in presentation. I could be wrong though, some of the translation on the site leaves a lot to be desired. In my opinion you’d be better off looking at Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising for your fix of online mythical action.
  • A couple of bits of concept art have been released for NetDevil’s Lego MMOG, Lego Universe. I don’t know about you but I had tons of the little bricks when I was a nipper, some of the things I constructed with them were mind boggling, here’s hoping that they make it accessible to all ages rather than just the kiddies. Some of the possibilities with Technic Lego are astounding.

There seems to be alot of MMO activity at the moment wouldn’t you say? It look like the online aspect of gaming is just going to grow and grow, its a shame that it will inevitably be dominated by a few big players pumping out formulaic games, its not a part of the gaming industry that rewards innovation unfortunately. Thats it for MMO news for the time being, regular service will now resume.

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