I’m a Phillies fan. And as the 2006 MLB season comes to a close, I’m totally psyched about the wildcard hunt in the National League. So many teams chasing after that one spot. It’s exciting.

So, I went out and purchased MLB 2k6 to simulate the season and to be able to crush homers with Ryan Howard.

At first, I totally hated this game. I was throwing wild pitches with men on base. I was swinging before the pitcher let go of the ball. I was making terrible base running decisions (unintentionally, I might add) To sum it all up, I just didn’t have the controls down.

For better or worse, MLB 2K6 is not a qame that you can pick up and play right out of the box. You actually need to look at the manual to figure out the controls. When pitching, not only do you choose the type of pitch and location of the pitch, but you also have to pull off an accuracy maneuver, or else your pitches become ineffective.

When running bases with more than one player, you have to choose the player to send to the next base or else they all go. This can lead to some uneccessary outs.

When batting, you pull back the yellow controll stick to begin your swing. You then have two options. Let go of the stick for a normal, level swing. Or, push up on the stick to swing for the fences. I only swing for the fences on pitches right down the middle. Otherwise, they end up being easy fly balls.

The game is now my favorite baseball game of all time. I love it. I love the amount of control that I have over my pitches and over my swing. I love swinging for the fences with Ryan Howard.

If you love baseball and don’t mind a pretty steep learning curve on the controls, go out and get this game right away.

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