Todd Holmdahl, corporate vice president of Gaming and Xbox Products Group at Microsoft, basically used the interview to say absolutely nothing. A simple “No Comment” would have been simpler and more honest I think. This is the guy that ran the teams responsible for developing and manufacturing the console and as such should take responsibility for the issues that many gamers are having with their boxes.

This interview along with the sneakiness with which Microsoft have upgraded the hardware of the 360, they added another heatsink to the console last week, proves that they are unwilling to admit fault. Par for the course with them really. For instance, in response to the last question Holmdahl says:

My job is to make sure the customer is happy. This is certainly part of making sure the customer is happy. We have other things. You saw the release of the spring update. I certainly view customer happiness as one of my No. 1 responsibilities.

He’s taking the politician’s way out of not answering the question put to him. Obviously there are alot of customers who aren’t happy with either the failure rate of the hardware or the service they receive when trying to return it, but he’s not going to admit that. As he says, his job is to make sure the customer is happy, and any customer who isn’t happy is evidence that he hasn’t done his job. Marketing-speak can be great at getting a point across simply and concisely, but when it is used to avoid a critical customer service issue it usually falls flat, just as this effort seems to have. (From The Mercury News.)

Update: For those of you who have suffered the iniquity of the red ring of death I give you this. Enjoy.

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