The fight for Reach rages on with three new maps from Austin-based developer Certain Affinity. This marks the release of the first DLC for Halo: Reach designed by an outside developer.

Take a look at the Defiant DLC trailer

The Defiant Map Pack includes Highlands, a heavily wooded map that takes place in the Military Wilderness Training Preserve. The Training Preserve was the sight of key battles in the fight for Reach, and can now be host to your games of 8 – 16 player Big Team Battle, Team Slayer and Team Objective.

Condemned takes place aboard Orbital Station Gamma in high orbit over Reach. Designed for 6 – 12 player Team Slayer, Team Objective and Free for All gametypes, Condemned is a spectacular example of a map designed for high octane fast-paced fun.

One of the leaked shots of the Defiant Map Pack

Unearthed is a Firefight map taking place in the Viery titanium mines, it will support Generator Defense and standard Firefight modes for up to 4 players.

Scheduled for release in March, the Defiant Map Pack will cost 800 Microsoft points and will contain 150 new achievement points for you cheevo hunters.

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