I remember reading about this rumor a month or so ago, when no one had any idea that the King of Pop would be passing away in the near future. My reaction to that was”¦maybe he should just focus on his series of concerts in London!

It’s only been a few weeks since Michael Jackson died of unknown causes and the grapevine has been buzzing about the video game again. According to Game Daily, this is no mere rumor:

Since the pop star’s unfortunate passing, the news publications have been providing non-stop coverage, and gaming websites have seemingly all put together requisite Michael Jackson gaming stories, looking back fondly at the Sega Genesis Moonwalker title and others.

While Jackson is sadly no longer with us, we may soon be able to relive some of his music in a new video game. Reports (as spotted by MCV) have indicated that Michael Jackson’s own production company, MJJ Productions, has been working on a title for “several months,” and the game even features speech he recorded for it before he died.

Assurances have even been given as to the certainty of the release of this game:

The game is apparently scheduled for release on home consoles for this Christmas. An MJJ Productions spokesperson commented, “I am sure it will still be released. Michael loved games.”

Call me jaded but I am now pretty sure that the game will indeed be launched. As someone said a week or so ago, Michael Jackson is probably worth more now that he has passed away than when he was alive.

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