So I had scheduled today’s post to be the Red Dead Redemption review but as I’ve said before, I wont write a review unless I’ve finished the whole game. Unfortunately I’m exactly 4 missions short of the end and just shy of my 100% completion (I like sidequests.) So you’ll be getting the full review on Monday instead.

Now to the real news.

Three words that could either make or break my decade…

Mass Effect Movie.

Legendary Pictures has acquired the film rights to the EA-Bioware epic.  While normally I’d be freaking out over the possibility of them ruining my favorite game, there are a few hints that this might just be the one we’ve been waiting for.  Jon Jashni (Ninja Assassin, Where the Wild Things Are, The Hangover) and Thomas Tull (The Dark Knight) have signed on along with Avi Arad (Spiderman, Ironman) and his son Ari to produce the film, while the co-founders of Bioware, Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk will be executive producers.

“We are thrilled to be working with Legendary,” said producer Avi Arad. “EA and BioWare are terrific partners who have created a brilliant piece of fiction with a universe filled with amazing aliens and technology. More importantly, though, they created a parable whose conflicts mirror the ones we currently face in our own world. This story emphasizes the need for all cultures to learn to work together. All this magic is presented in a fast paced action-adventure that makes for the best kind of movie experience.”

Who will direct? Your guess is as good as ours.

I’m hoping for J.J. Abrams.

So Red Dead Review on Monday.

– Dr Strange Lulz

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