Little Big Planet, just like many Sony releases, has caused a lot of excitement in the gaming world.  Even before they pulled that stunt of scattering LBP mini billboards in several cities in the United States, Sony was already able to create hype about their newest PlayStation 3 game.  This time, the game has caused another stir, but in a different regard.  SIFY Business has this story:

Following strong objections from the Muslims in the UK, Sony has reportedly decided to dump millions of copies of a new “PS3″ computer game “LittleBigPlanet”.

Muslims had taken a strong exception to some of the lines in the song, which were quoted from their holy book Koran. The game was due to hit shop shelves next Friday. But, now copies of the game will be returned from warehouses around the world, and will be re-released sometime in November.

Incidentally, the track was recorded by Grammy award winner Toumani Diabate ““ himself a Muslim. The words used by Mali-born Diabate translate as “Every soul shall have a taste of death” and “All that is on Earth will perish.”

The incident has evoked strong reactions from the Muslims. A game player said on an Internet message board: “We consider the mixing of music and words from our Holy Koran deeply offending. We hope you would remove that track from the game immediately.”

Naturally, this incident will make countless UK gamers upset ““ they have been waiting for LBP for months.  On the other hand, Sony has learned a lesson here.  Religion and video games do not necessarily mix.

1 thought on “Little Big Planet Withdrawn In The UK

  1. Sony are cowards of the highest order for pulling LBP because it offends a minority of people. I’m willing to bet that its only a minority of muslims who find it offensive.

    Games are an art form, a mode of human expression, and as such the only restraint which should apply to them with regards to content should be that of the author(s).

    Freedom of speech is one of the cornerstones of western society and civilization. If this offends those who, for the most part, choose to live as part of that society then they are perfectly within their rights to give voice to their offense, but not to deny the right to free speech of those doing the offending.

    If some find a peice of background music in a game (not even a main feature or a pivotal plot point) offesive, then they don’t have to buy the game or even play it. Thats what living in a free society is about.

    Shame on you Sony, for basically giving in to terrorists. Albeit indirectly.

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