A new FPS in on the horizon which will either change the way the genre is played forever or fade into obscurity and be notable only as a mere curiosity. Kwari, published by a company of the same name, is a free download, which isn’t that unusual these days. What is different about it is the fact that to play a game you have to stake real money before joining, and your bullets cost you.

Every game will be skill ranked so there should be a relatively level playing field, no fabulously adept players owning the n00bs and stripping the shirts off their backs. Every shot which you land on an opponent will strip some of their cash from them and add it to yours, and there will be jackpots for the top ranking players in a match.

Supposedly designed to add an edge to traditional competitive online play, the founder and creator of Kwari Eddie Gill has said:

“This is an inevitable evolution for online gaming. Like most skill-based or competitive games, once played at a professional level or where money is involved, it’s unappealing to return to an amateur status.”

But surely thats what games are about, fun. If you’re playing for money all the time it just becomes another job. I can also see certain types of people becoming hopelessly addicted to this style of gaming and frittering away their life savings, just as happens with other forms of gambling. I’m inclined to agree with the guys over at Games Digest, this had better be something very special game-wise if it is to succeed, otherwise its just like betting on pool down the pub.
(From Games Digest.)

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