kungfuhustle.jpgSony Online Entertainment ( Everquest I and II, Star Wars Galaxies, Planetside) has announced that it will be developing an MMOG based on the hilarious Kung Fu Hustle movie directed by Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer). Combining elements of classic fighting games and adding new technology and compeling character design, Sony says the game will feature a branching story mode where players will hone their kung fu skills. What would a kung fu game be without PvP however, and Sony promises to deliver in this regard also, allowing players to team up with friends, learn new moves from other players and spectate bouts to size up future opponents.
SOE says that the game will be developed by its Taipei-based SOGA studio specifically for the Chinese market, if its successful though I wouldn’t be surprised if they export it to the west. (From Gamasutra

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