kojima-hideo.jpgAt E3 this year, the creator and director of the Metal Gear series of game, Hideo Kojima, announced that MGS4 would be the last Metal Gear game that he worked on as director. This does not mean that he will have no further involvement in the franchise however, Konami have revealed.

In an interview with Next-Gen,Konami’s Anthony Crouts said:

“I’m sure he’s never going to let go of Metal Gear Solid—trust me. [Snake’s] a big character, so as a franchise I think he’ll always hold it near and dear to his heart. In one capacity or another, he will always be involved in the Metal Gear franchise.”

So, not unlike Shigura Miyamoto handing over the reins of the Zelda franchise to others, Kojima will still play a role in creating future Metal Gear games, though maybe not as hands on as he has been in the past.
(From Next-Gen.)

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