For you Killzone fans out there, Guerilla Games has put together a live action short in the hope of furthering the Killzone back story and making it slightly more personal.

The short takes the form of video communications between two friends, one on Vekta and the other on Helghan, and documents the growing divide between them.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Killzone universe, planet Helghan is a desolate planet that served as the chemical and mineral depot for the planetary governments of the ISA. After being exiled by the ISA, the colonists of Helghan spent 10 years adapting to the harsh and unforgiving environment, finally developing their trademark goggles and breathing equipment.

A video like this as well as a basic knowledge of the Killzone universe’s history are nough to make you start agreeing with the Helghast, thinking of them as the goodguys rather than the stereotypical mysterious badguys they’re portrayed as.

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