Welcome to GamingMoments.net!

The website will be undergoing many changes in the near future and will continue to change in the long term for the Better. There is a small group of us that are working towards creating a quality experience with each visit. Basically, you can say the website is under new management. First off, our Crew will be doing some reviews and putting them up as frequently as possible without hurting the quality of any review. Something we will be putting up as soon as possible is a forum page for everyone to subscribe to. We are excited to get everyone involved in the website by use of these forums.

Our goal is to have a variety of reviews done by gamers, meant for gamers. On the same token of reviews, there will be some “Old School Reviews” in time while big hit games are lacking in release.

The main priority will always be reviews for games as well as news in the gaming world. As the website grows, more ideas will come into effect and be put on the website with as many updates as to what is coming as possible. Each member of the crew will have a personal e-mail in time given to maintain a personal connection to you, the fans.

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