Uh”¦seriously, thanks, but no thanks. I would have to pass up on this one. I love all sorts of video games. I would play most anything, really. But the mere thought of having to see these teens in a video game and playing with their characters (that just sounds so wrong!) for hours makes me feel weird. More so, I do not think that I would willingly ““ or even grudgingly, for that matter ““ part with my hard earned money for a video game starring the Jonas Brothers!

MTV recently did a feature on the boys and it really just freaked me out:

We’re doing a TV show right now for Disney Channel,” Nick Jonas told MTV News of the upcoming comedy “J.O.N.A.S.” “And there might be a ‘J.O.N.A.S.’ game.”

But middle brother Joe had his own idea of how he’d like to see the game play out: “Like us, with swords.” His brothers didn’t seem too keen on the suggestion. “I don’t know if that’s going to be the game, Joe,” Kevin said.

Joe wasn’t allowing the guys to dis his idea that easily. “I’m putting my foot down,” Joe said. “It’s going to be based in the 1600s, and we’re going to have swords. It’s going to be awesome. Our swords are going to be huge. It’s going to be exciting.”

Oh my. The Jonas Brothers with swords. Huge swords. Based in the 1600s. What in the world are these boys thinking? I think it would be much better for them to stick to buying and playing video games rather than be in them.

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