jackthompson_qjpreviewth.jpgEvery gamer’s enemy, Jack Thompson, has finally flipped his lid it seems. In his relentless quest to destroy the evil that is videogames he seems to have shot himself in the foot. GamePolitics.com has recieved an email from the man himself in which he claims that an official of the Florida Bar Association proposed that he submit to psychological evaluation and accept a 91 day suspension of his license to practice law.

Now either this is a desperate attempt to garner more publicity for his cause, or the guy has actually lost it. When a Lawyer has their professional conduct and mental stability questioned they usually want to keep it under wraps. I would understand if someone on the other side of the dispute had published this, but he did it himself. He’s doing his opponents job for him. There is no longer any need for gamers and the gaming press to try and discredit this man, he’s doing a perfectly good job of that on his own. (From Game Politics.)

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