Yes, America has gone nuts for Halo 3, the hype has built to fever pitch but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be stopping.
Maybe its due to the fact that there are some of us in the rest of the world who aren’t getting the game till tomorrow. I’ve had the law laid down by the wife, she’s not letting me get the game till I finish the single player of Halo 2 (don’t tell me I don’t want to know, I’ll play it for myself) which kind fo puts a damper on me getting a review out for Friday as was planned.

My irritation and moping at being unable to play the game as soon as its released is only being fuelled by the glut of stories hitting the internet about the launch of the game in the states, I thought I would share some of the more interesting titbits with you.

halo3lies.jpg This Guy is second in line at the Best-Buy NYC midnight launch, and considering the guy first in line had only been there for 24 hours the sign he’s holding is a bit inaccurate. My guess is that he was handed it by some media bod who wanted to show how rabid and obsessive Halo fans are. It gets the guy his fifteen minutes and the press people a story, albeit a completely fabricated one. (Kotaku.)

halo3nycmain.jpg If the press wanted an example of obsession for their front pages then they needent have looked any further than this guy. Spending over $3000 and two years fabricating this costume from scratch, even down to the guns, doesn’t get much more obsessive. Kudos to the guy for his efforts though, I don’t think I’d have the skill or the patience to pull off something like this. Unfortunately it didn’t get him a free copy of the game (being the star and all) and I can imagine it got quite sweaty after a while. (Joystiq.)

Neill Blomkamp, the director who was working on the now shelved Halo movie, has released another short film based on the franchise. Gritty, violent and uncompromising, this short’s production values are an order of magnitude better than the previously released clips and it provides a nice companion to the adverts being run by Microsoft. This is the battle for Earth in all its horrific detail, be warned this is not one for the kids.
[ev type=”youtube” data=”DospwAYbcS8″][/ev]

walmartempty.jpgThe midnight launch plans didn’t all come off flawlessly however. Wal-Mart had been planning to launch the title in every one of its stores at midnight, though it seems that the Walpole, Mass. branch didn’t get that memo. Ah the communications difficulties of large organisations never fail to amuse me. In their quest to find a shop that was open at midnight and selling the game, the reporter found a 7-11 that wasn’t selling “the Halo 3” according to the staff.(Joystiq.)

dsc_0203.jpgIn what was possibly the most inappropraite celebrity appearance at a video game launch, High School Musical star Zac Efron, was on hand to buy a copy of the game in L.A. Odd ly enough the crowd, whcih I’m assuming was full of post teen male gamers, still screamed like little girls when he put in an appearance. It was L.A. though so the same standards don’t apply. Personally I’d be a bit miffed if the heartthrob of teenies was to turn up at the launch of a game made for post teen blokes, you’d have thought that MS would have come up with someone a little more suited to the audience. (Joystiq.)

The Guardian, even though their game coverage doesn’t do enough to combat the public perception, has an interesting piece comparing the profitability of games with that of movies. In terms of revenue movies win hands down due to the availability of multiple release venues, namely theatres, DVD sales and rentals whereas games have only one, retail. This situation is changing however with direct downloads and rentals beginning to gain popularity with consumers. In terms of profit however games seem to win hands down, with margins of 90% in some cases compared to movies only achieveing a 46% margin on average. The gist of the article is that Halo 3 is due to be far more profitable than the movie Spiderman 3. (The Guardian Unlimited.)

Not one to shy away from any publicity, Jack Thompson is at it again. This time he’s trying the same tactic as he did with Bully (Canis Canem Edit over here) on Halo 3. He is hoping to have a Florida court declare that Halo 3 is a public nuisance, regardless of the fact that he got a Bar Complaint against him in the Bully case, and is widely thought of as cracked by people both inside and out of the games industry. What he’s asking for is censorship of the games industry when he comes right down to it, not only is that unconstitutional, its also an abuse of legislation which was originally aimed at brothels and gambling, or anything that “…tend[s] to annoy the community, injure the health of the citizens in general, or corrupt the public morals.” Get a grip Jack.(Game Politics.)

On that final note of stateside Halo 3 insanity I’m going to go a lie down in adarkened room and wait for it to go away. Enjoy playing the game guys, I’ll be joining you eventually.

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