The Iranian government is developing a strategy game in order to “counter Western cultural onslaught”. So they’re turning to a mainstay of western culture to promote Iranian-Islamic culture? Now you might forgive me for thinking that this is a little self-defeating, though the Multimedia Office of Tebyan (in Iran) doesn’t seem to think so as it prepares Save the Port for release.

Ostensibly a strategy game, Save the Port‘s designers have tried to move the focus from military might to rational thinking, not something you would readily associate with an Islamic state. Its not going to be some web based propaganda too either, the game represents a significant amount of time and money invested by the Iranian government and its quality (according to the team behind it) should meet international standards in terms of gameplay and graphics.

Now for a reality check, the link on to the Multimedia Office of Tebyan doesn’t work and a quick whois reveals that it’s registered to someone in Guildford, UK and the screenshot of the site doesn’t match what you get if you enter the address in your address bar. I smell a rat, but that could just be me being overly suspicious.

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